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How We Got Here

The I-25 Gibson Boulevard Interchange Reconstruction project is a result of previous studies completed in 2014 and 2016.  

The purpose and need of the project was identified in the 2014 study - Phase 1A Initial Evaluation of Alternatives, I-25 South Corridor Study. As a result, improvements to the I-25 corridor in this area are needed to maintain and/or enhance performance and safety, accommodate future increases in travel demand, address multimodal accommodations, and support economic development in the corridor. The project also replaces aging infrastructure. 

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The Preferred Alternative was identified in the 2016 study - South I-25 Corridor Study, NM 47/Broadway Blvd to I-40 Highway Phase 1B Detailed Evaluation of Alternatives. This Preferred Alternative proposes the construction of a tight diamond interchange at I-25 and Gibson Boulevard, incorporating frontage roads and braided ramps. Additionally, improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities will be designed throughout the project limits which include sidewalks, buffers, and bike lanes and multiuse trails within the interchange area.

Aging infrastructure on I-25 over Gibson Boulevard and a poor-performing interchange configuration makes this project a priority.

What is Phase 1C and Phase 1D? To learn about the NMDOT Process called The Location Study Procedures, click here.

For the I-25 Gibson Boulevard Interchange project, the project team will develop a preliminary design (30% design) in the form of an Preliminary Engineering Concept (Phase 1D).  During this process, the team will also identify and document existing conditions, assess the effects and impacts from the proposed action on the natural and human environment (e.g., natural, aesthetic, historic, cultural, economic, social, or health resources), and work towards ways to avoid, minimize, rectify, eliminate, or compensate impacts to these resources (Phase 1C).

Once the preliminary design has been developed and environmental documentation completed, the design will be delivered using the Design-Build procurement methodology.  This provides maximum funding flexibility for NMDOT and its’ partners and allows NMDOT to aggressively move towards starting construction of the improvements sooner.

The Request for Proposals would then be released to potential Design-Build Contractors for bidding, and thereafter to the selected Design-Build Contractor for completion. This streamlined approach to design significantly shortens the timeline for the start of construction.


Click here to learn about what a Design-Build project means. 

To learn more about the past study efforts, please click on the images below!

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I-25 South Corridor Study
Phase 1A Final Report 2014

I-25 South Corridor Study Phase 1A Attachments 2014

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Interchange SSW perspective #2.JPG
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I-25 South Corridor Study Phase 1B Final Report 2016

I-25 South Corridor
Study Phase 1B Executive
Summary 2016

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