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What is a Design-Build Project?

Design-Build is an innovative project delivery method that maximizes design solutions, quality, schedule, and budget to construct the best project possible. It allows for design and construction to happen simultaneously, saving time and money.  

The NMDOT prioritizes innovative solutions to improve the transportation network for the best value. 


For this project, the Preferred Alternative for the interchange and I-25 identified in the 2016 study  and will be developed to a conceptual level and then advertised for a competitive proposal process to select a Design-Build team to complete the design and construction of the project. 


A Design-Build team is anticipated to be selected in 2026, with construction anticipated to begin in 2027. The schedule can change as the project progresses. To review the schedule, click here.  

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Does the NMDOT have other projects that are Design-Build? 

This is a newer project delivery method for the NMDOT.  

Currently, one project is ongoing on I-25 Comanche Road to Montgomery Boulevard. Visit the I-25 Improved, Comanche to Montgomery project website at to learn about how that project is using Design-Build to provide transportation solutions.  

Previously, the NMDOT completed the Paseo del Norte Extension in Albuquerque in 2008 which was its first Design-Build project.

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